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SubjectRe: [PATCH 07/10] dt-bindings: phy: add DT binding for Microsemi Ocelot SerDes muxing
> +- compatible: should be "mscc,vsc7514-serdes"
> +- #phy-cells : from the generic phy bindings, must be 3. The first number
> + defines the kind of Serdes (1 for SERDES1G_X, 6 for
> + SERDES6G_X), the second defines the macros in the specified
> + kind of Serdes (X for SERDES1G_X or SERDES6G_X) and the
> + last one defines the input port to use for a given SerDes
> + macro,

Hi Quentin

Maybe add #defines in an include file to make the binding less


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