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SubjectRe: [build-check] scripts: add check_build script
On Tue, 3 Jul 2018 15:12:10 +0200 Norbert Manthey <> wrote:

> This script performs build testing, by building several configurations
> several times. The script is introduced to improve the consistency of
> testing changes in the kernel configuration.
> This version build randconfig 10 times, as well as allyesconfig,
> allnoconfig and allmodconfig. Depending on the used machine and system
> setup, the script might take a while to finish.
> The script logs all the used config files, as well as the output of the
> build commands to a log directory "build_check_logs", so that this data
> can be retrieved after running the script.

I'm unable to even guess how many people will find this useful.

> +build ()
> +{
> + local -r LOG_FILE="$1"
> + local -i STATUS=0
> +
> + make clean -j $(nproc) &> /dev/null
> + make -j $(nproc) &>> "$LOG_FILE" || STATUS=$?
> +
> + echo "build status: $STATUS" >> "$LOG_FILE"
> + echo "[$SECONDS] build status: $STATUS"
> + return "$STATUS"
> +}

The script never sets nproc. So I guess this is a bare `make -j'.
When I type that on my (quite beefy) workstation I get eleventy xillion
processes and the machine locks up. Can't even wiggle the mouse.
After a 20 minute nap (thanks!) it was still comatose so I hit the big
button (who writes this junk??).

So you might want to take an educated guess from /proc/cpuinfo here.

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