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SubjectRe: [PATCH] block: fix NPE when resuming SCSI devices using blk-mq
On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 06:13:02PM +0000, Bart Van Assche wrote:
> On Fri, 2018-07-13 at 15:29 +-0200, Patrick Steinhardt wrote:
> +AD4- When power management for SCSI is enabled and if a device uses blk-mq,
> +AD4- it is possible to trigger a +AGA-NULL+AGA- pointer exception when resuming that
> +AD4- device. The NPE is triggered when trying to dereference the +AGA-request+AF8-fn+AGA-
> +AD4- function pointer of the device's +AGA-request+AF8-queue+AGA-:
> +AD4-
> +AD4- +AF8AXw-blk+AF8-run+AF8-queue+AF8-uncond:470
> +AD4- +AF8AXw-blk+AF8-run+AF8-queue:490
> +AD4- blk+AF8-post+AF8-runtime+AF8-resume:3889
> +AD4- sdev+AF8-runtime+AF8-resume:263
> +AD4- scsi+AF8-runtime+AF8-resume:275
> +AD4-
> +AD4- When the SCSI device is being allocated by +AGA-scsi+AF8-alloc+AF8-sdev+AGA-, the
> +AD4- device's request queue will either be initialized via
> +AD4- +AGA-scsi+AF8-mq+AF8-alloc+AF8-queue+AGA- or +AGA-scsi+AF8-old+AF8-alloc+AF8-queue+AGA-. But the +AGA-request+AF8-fn+AGA-
> +AD4- member of the request queue is in fact only being set in
> +AD4- +AGA-scsi+AF8-old+AF8-alloc+AF8-queue+AGA-, which will then later cause the mentioned NPE.
> +AD4-
> +AD4- Fix the issue by checking whether the +AGA-request+AF8-fn+AGA- is set in
> +AD4- +AGAAXwBf-blk+AF8-run+AF8-queue+AF8-uncond+AGA-. In case it is unset, we'll silently return and
> +AD4- not try to invoke the callback, thus fixing the NPE.
> Which kernel version are you using? Can you check whether the following two
> commits are in your kernel tree?
> +ACo- 4fd41a8552af (+ACI-SCSI: Fix NULL pointer dereference in runtime PM+ACIAOw- December
> 2015).
> +ACo- 765e40b675a9 (+ACI-block: disable runtime-pm for blk-mq+ACIAOw- July 2017).

Commit 765e40b675a9 (block: disable runtime-pm for blk-mq July
2017) was indeed not part of my kernel. Back when I upgraded to
v4.14, suspend to RAM on my laptop was broken, and a bisect
showed that this particular commit was the culprit. So I reverted
it and forgot until it bit me now -- so it's been my own
stupidity. Guess it serves me right for not checking my own

That still leaves the other problem of broken suspend. I've just
checked with v4.17.10, and it's still there: as soon as I resume
from suspend, the kernel oopses and reboots the machine. I guess
I'll have to do another debugging session and see where it fails
exactly (and no, this time there are no more changes to the
kernel tree).

Anyway, thanks for pointing out my own mistakes.

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