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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] powerpc: Modernize unhandled signals message

> > Should we prefix every line with the PID to avoid this?
> That's possible. An alternative would be prefixing each line with the
> process name and its PID, as in the first line. For example:
> pandafault[10758]: segfault (11) at 00000000100007d0 nip 000000001000061c lr 00007fffabc85100 code 2 in pandafault[10000000+10000]
> pandafault[10758]: Instruction dump:
> pandafault[10758]: 4bfffeec 4bfffee8 3c401002 38427f00 fbe1fff8 f821ffc1 7c3f0b78 3d22fffe
> pandafault[10758]: 392988d0 f93f0020 e93f0020 39400048 <99490000> 39200000 7d234b78 383f0040
> The above can be interleaved with other messages and we'll still be able
> to match process and its corresponding instruction dump.



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