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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/10] Add the I3C subsystem

> > My personal use case is debugging. R-Car H2 is great because I can
> > always pinmux this or that I2C IP core to the same set of pins, and in 2
> > out of 4 cases even GPIO bitbang on top of that. So, it is great to
> > compare behaviour, do scopes with the same type of setup, etc...
> > For that, I do runtime switches, but the slaves are not really under
> > real usage.
> Ok, so runtime here still means it's chosen by an operator (i.e. you),
> not part of regular operation.


> I meant multiplexing it through the pinmux framework, with one of the
> two being active at any time. Obviously this makes no sense for
> i3c slaves, but it can be useful if the bus only contains i2c slaves.

Unless Linux is not an I2C slave itself.

> What I meant here was switching the bus between an i2c master and an
> i3c master like you do with the i2c demuxer. Right now, this wouldn't
> work because i2c and i3c use different representations in DT and in
> Linux for the same devices.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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