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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/12] mfd: Add support to WCD9335 Audio Codec
On 23-07-18, 16:53, Srinivas Kandagatla wrote:
> Qualcomm WCD9335 Codec is a standalone Hi-Fi audio codec IC.
> It is integrated in multiple Qualcomm SoCs like: MSM8996, MSM8976,
> and MSM8956 chipsets.
> WCD9335 had multiple functional blocks, like: Soundwire controller,
> interrupt mux, pin controller, Audio codec, MBHC, MAD(Mic activity Detection),


> Ultrasonic proximity and pen detection, Battery-voltage monitoring and
> Codec processing engine.
> Currently this patchset has been only tested with SLIMbus interface due
> to hardware avaiablity, but it can be easily made to work with both SLIMbus

typo avaiablity

> and I2C/I2S.
> This patchset adds very basic playback and capture support witout much
> fancy features. New features will be added once the basic support is in.
> This patchset is tested on top of linux-next on DB820c for both playback
> and capture paths.
> This patchset also depends on the SLIMbus Stream apis which is already merged
> via char-misc tree for 4.19.
> Some parts of the code has been inherited from Qualcomm andriod kernel,

typo andriod


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