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Dear Friend,

I was shocked you stopped communicating with me, I really can't
understand your reason for doing so, but I am very happy now to inform
you about my success in getting the fund out of the bank with the help
of a staff working in the remittance office and also with the special
assistance of a French business woman that catered for other logistics.

However, I left the sum of $1.5 million (one million five hundred
thousand U.S Dollars Only) in an ATM cash withdrawal Card. This $1.5
million is for you, and it is purposely for your compensation for your
little effort in this transaction. The ATM Card is a global payment
card which is acceptable, workable and usable worldwide in making
withdrawal of money from any ATM location. So you can be able to make
withdrawals of money in any countries on daily basis. $3000 per day,
The ATM card is in your name and the pin number will be in the

I would have sent the ATM card to your address by myself, but I lack
the time to do that now because I have to urgently meet up with my
business colleagues in Russia. I will be heading to the airport as
as I send you this email because I will be travelling out of my
to Russia where I shall continue with petroleum business engagements.

For your good, I left the ATM card with one Dr. Naomi Agbonzebeta. Now
go on and contact her through his email address so that she can use
of the posting company post the item to you through your contact
address. Simply contact Dr. Naomi Agbonzebeta. Immediately so that she
can send the ATM card to you. Below is the contact of:

Dr. Naomi Agbonzebeta
Email Address:

Yours sincerely
Name: Mrs.Pamela Atuegbe

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