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Subject[PATCH v5 00/21] Ingenic JZ47xx TCU patchset v5

This is the V5 of my patchset that adds support to the Timer/Counter
Unit (TCU) present on Ingenic JZ47xx SoCs.

Way too much has changed since V4, we went from 8 patches in V4 up to
21 patches in V5.
I did not know if I had to submit it as V5 or start a new series.
In doubt, I sent a V5.

Very succint description of the changes:

- The interrupt, clocks, clocksource drivers have been merged into one;
ingenic-timer now inits the TCU clocks, handles the interrupts,
provides a system timer and optionally also a clocksource and
sched_clock. The TCU channel #0 will be used as system timer, unless
another channel is specified from devicetree.

- The simple-mfd and syscon are gone. The ingenic-timer driver will
probe the drivers registered as children in the devicetree.

- The watchdog driver was updated to use the WDT clock and regmap
provided by ingenic-timer. This breaks the devicetree ABI, but as
explained in the corresponding commit message, right now all Ingenic
boards compile the devicetree into the kernel anyway - so it's better
to update it now before it's too late.

- The PWM driver was updated to use the TCU timer clocks as well as the
regmap provided by ingenic-timer. Unused devicetree compatible strings
were removed (the driver was never probed from devicetree), and
support for the JZ4725B has been added.

- A new ingenic-ost driver was added, which provides a clocksource and
a sched_clock that are more accurate than the ones provided by
ingenic-timer (32 or 64-bit vs. 16-bit). It is not available on every

- Mostly tested on the JZ4725B and JZ4770. It would be great if somebody
could test on the JZ4780 and JZ4740.


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