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SubjectRe: [PATCH] option: Do not try to bind to ADB interfaces
On 7/23/2018 21:02, Romain Izard wrote:
> Some modems now use the Android Debug Bridge to provide a debugging
> interface, and some phones can also export serial ports managed by the
> "option" driver.
> The ADB daemon running in userspace tries to use USB interfaces with
> bDeviceClass=0xFF, bDeviceSubClass=0x42, bDeviceProtocol=1
> Prevent the option driver from binding to those interfaces, as they
> will not be serial ports.

You are assuming that an interface with these attributes are always a
ADB interface - that is wrong. Vendor specific class (0xff) is not
standardized to be something specific.

> This can fix issues like:

You are trying to solve a 4++ years old bug report where it was assumed
that the option driver was the culprit. The device in question, a
Qualcomm modem with vid/pid 05c6:9025 has never been included in option.


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