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SubjectRe: [PATCHv5 10/19] x86/mm: Implement page_keyid() using page_ext
On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 04:38:02PM -0700, Dave Hansen wrote:
> On 07/17/2018 04:20 AM, Kirill A. Shutemov wrote:
> > Store KeyID in bits 31:16 of extended page flags. These bits are unused.
> I'd love a two sentence remind of what page_ext is and why you chose to
> use it. Yes, you need this. No, not everybody that you want to review
> this patch set knows what it is or why you chose it.


> > page_keyid() returns zero until page_ext is ready.
> Is there any implication of this? Or does it not matter because we
> don't run userspace until after page_ext initialization is done?

It matters in sense that we shouldn't reference page_ext before it's
initialized otherwise we will get garbage and crash.

> > page_ext initializer enables static branch to indicate that
> "enables a static branch"
> > page_keyid() can use page_ext. The same static branch will gate MKTME
> > readiness in general.
> Can you elaborate on this a bit? It would also be a nice place to hint
> to the folks working hard on the APIs to ensure she checks this.


> > We don't yet set KeyID for the page. It will come in the following
> > patch that implements prep_encrypted_page(). All pages have KeyID-0 for
> > now.
> It also wouldn't hurt to mention why you don't use an X86_FEATURE_* for
> this rather than an explicit static branch. I'm sure the x86
> maintainers will be curious.


Kirill A. Shutemov

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