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SubjectRe: Linux 4.18-rc6
Adding davem for the sparc issue, Martin for the s390 one.

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 1:46 PM Guenter Roeck <> wrote:
> The s390 gcc plugins related build error reported previously has not really
> been fixed; after feedback from the s390 maintainers, suggesting that it
> won't get fixed in 4.18, I disabled GCC_PLUGINS for s390 builds. This is
> not my preferred solution, but it beats not testing s390:allmodconfig
> builds at all.

Martin - can we just remove the


from the s390 Kconfig file (or perhaps add "if BROKEN" or something to
disable it).

Because if it's not getting fixed, it shouldn't be exposed.

> The sparc32 build error is still:
> In file included from
> ...
> from drivers/staging/media/omap4iss/iss_video.c:15:
> include/linux/highmem.h: In function 'clear_user_highpage':
> include/linux/highmem.h:137:31: error:
> passing argument 1 of 'sparc_flush_page_to_ram' from incompatible pointer type
> due to a missing declaration of 'struct page', as previously reported.

Hmm. I assume it's


that wants a forward-declaration of 'struct page', and doesn't include
any header files.

The fix is presumably to move the

#include <asm/cacheflush.h>

in drivers/staging/media/omap4iss/iss_video.c down to below the
<linux/*> includes?

The old patchwork link you had for a fix no longer works, I think
because the patchwork database got re-generated during the upgrade
(and the patchwork numbering isn't stable).



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