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SubjectRe: bisected: 4.18-rc* regression: x86-32 troubles (with timers?)
> >> Now this seems more relevant:
> >>
> >> mroos@rx100s2:~/linux$ nice git bisect good
> >> 24dea04767e6e5175f4750770281b0c17ac6a2fb is the first bad commit
> >> commit 24dea04767e6e5175f4750770281b0c17ac6a2fb
> >> Author: Daniel Borkmann <>
> >> Date: Fri May 4 01:08:23 2018 +0200
> >>
> >> bpf, x32: remove ld_abs/ld_ind
> >>
> >> Since LD_ABS/LD_IND instructions are now removed from the core and
> >> reimplemented through a combination of inlined BPF instructions and
> >> a slow-path helper, we can get rid of the complexity from x32 JIT.
> >
> > This does seem much more likely than the previous bisection, given
> > that you ended up in an x86-32 specific commit (the subject says x32,
> > but that is a mistake). I also checked that systemd indeed does
> > call into bpf in a number of places, possibly for the journald socket.
> >
> > OTOH, it's still hard to tell how that commit can have ended up
> > corrupting the clock read function in systemd. To cross-check,
> > could you try reverting that commit on the latest kernel and see
> > if it still works?
> I would be curious as well about that whether revert would make it
> work. What's the value of sysctl net.core.bpf_jit_enable ? Does it
> change anything if you set it to 0 (only interpreter) or 1 (JIT
> enabled). Seems a bit strange to me that bisect ended at this commit
> given the issue you have. The JIT itself was also new in this window
> fwiw. In any case some more debug info would be great to have.

net.core.bpf_jit_enable is 1.

Since it breaks bootup, I can not easily change the value at runtime (it
would be postfactum). Do you mean changing the

Anyway, I started compile of v4.18-rc5 that was the latest I tested,
with the commit in question reverted. Will see if I can test tomorrow
morning. But I will leave tomorrow for a week and can only test further
things if they happen to boot fine (no manual reboot possible for a

Meelis Roos (

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