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Subject[PATCH v3 00/18] JZ4780 DMA patchset v3

This is the version 3 of my jz4780-dma driver update patchset.

Apologies to the DMA people, the v2 of this patchset did not make it to
their mailing-list; see the bottom of this email for a description of
what happened in v2.

Changelog from v2 to v3:

- Modified the devicetree bindings to comply with the specification

- New patch [06/18] allows the JZ4780 DMA driver to be compiled within a
generic MIPS kernel.

Changelog from v1 to v2:

- All documentation changes have been moved to one single patch [01/17].

- The new patch [02/17] enforces that we're probed from devicetree.

- The driver will not fail if only one memory resource has been supplied
in the devicetree, to keep compatibility with old devicetree files.

- A new patch [17/17] adds a devicetree node for the DMA driver in the
JZ4740 DTS file.

- Some other small changes; see per-file changelog.


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