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SubjectRe: Sphinx version dependencies?
Am Freitag, den 20.07.2018, 09:44 -0700 schrieb Darrick J. Wong:
> and now I'm just confused since 16.04 has the same version of docutils
> and an older sphinx and runs fine; but 18.04 has newer docutils and
> newer sphinx and runs fine.

Same here .. I'am completely confused by distros etc. .. I will never be able to
control that. Thats why I recommend the virtualenv workflow (as I wrote Christoph):

$ sudo apt install python3-virtualenv

To setup up a environment for building htmldocs:

$ python3 -m virtualenv py3env
$ ./py3env/bin/pip install -r ./Documentation/sphinx/requirements.txt

To build htmldocs with:

$ SPHINXBUILD=./py3env/bin/sphinx-build make htmldocs

If the env is no longer needed:

$ rm -r py3env

Am Freitag, den 20.07.2018, 09:44 -0700 schrieb Darrick J. Wong:
> Yes. This makes writing broadly portable markup difficult -- originally
> I did not take the '=' all the way to the right edge of the table
> because I saw that last example in the above document and assumed that
> it wasn't necessary to extend the '=' all the way to the right edge.
> Neither Ubuntu system choked on it, so is this a bug in upstream? Some
> strange patch added by the distro? Something that ended up in the
> python wheel? Or a bug in the spec?

I guess in the version history of docutils ;) .. use workflow above to escape
from distro chaos. Even missing '=' will be OK.

-- Markus --

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