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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 14/27] mm: Handle THP/HugeTLB shadow stack page fault
    On 07/10/2018 03:26 PM, Yu-cheng Yu wrote:
    > @@ -1193,6 +1195,8 @@ static int do_huge_pmd_wp_page_fallback(struct vm_fault *vmf, pmd_t orig_pmd,
    > pte_t entry;
    > entry = mk_pte(pages[i], vma->vm_page_prot);
    > entry = maybe_mkwrite(pte_mkdirty(entry), vma);
    > + if (is_shstk_mapping(vma->vm_flags))
    > + entry = pte_mkdirty_shstk(entry);

    Peter Z was pointing out that we should get rid of all this generic code
    manipulation. We might not easily be able to do it *all*, but we can do
    better than what we've got here.

    Basically, if you have code outside of arch/x86 in your patch set that
    refers to shadow stacks, you should consider it a bug (for now),
    especially if you have to hack .c files.

    For instance, in the code above, you could move the is_shstk_mapping() into:

    static inline pte_t maybe_mkwrite(pte_t pte, struct vm_area_struct *vma)
    if (likely(vma->vm_flags & VM_WRITE))
    pte = pte_mkwrite(pte);

    + pte = arch_pte_mkwrite(pte, vma);
    return pte;

    ... and add an arch callback that does:

    static inline pte_t maybe_mkwrite(pte_t pte, struct vm_area_struct *vma)
    if (!is_shstk_mapping(vma->vm_flags))
    return pte;

    WARN_ON(... pte bits incompatible with shadow stacks?);

    /* Lots of comments of course */
    entry = pte_mkdirty_shstk(entry);

    This is just one example. You are probably going to need a couple of
    similar things. Just remember: the bar is very high to make changes to
    .c files outside of arch/x86. You can do a _bit_ more in non-x86
    headers, but you have the most freedom to patch what you want as long as
    it's in arch/x86.

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