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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 08/18] net: davinci_emac: potentially get the MAC address from MTD
On Monday 16 July 2018 02:26 PM, Srinivas Kandagatla wrote:
> On 16/07/18 09:50, Sekhar Nori wrote:
>> On Friday 13 July 2018 11:30 PM, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:
>>> We're getting close to rc5 so I'd like to make a case for this series
>>> again.
>>> I understand that there's more to do than just the changes introduced
>>> here, but we shouldn't try to fix several problems in many different
>>> places at once. There's just too many moving pieces. I'd rather start
>>> merging small improvements right away.
>>> The idea behind this series is to remove (almost) all users of
>>> at24_platform_data. The davinci_emac patches are there only because we
>>> need to remove some MAC adress reading stuff from the board files.
>>> Having this code there and calling it back from EEPROM/MTD drivers is
>>> already wrong and we should work towards using nvmem for that anyway.
>>> Currently for MTD the nvmem support series seems to be dead and it's
>>> going to take some time before anything gets upstream.
>>> So I'd like to again ask you to consider picking up the patches from
>>> this series to your respective trees or at the very least: I'd like to
>>> ask Srinivas to pick up the nvmem patches and Sekhar to take the
>>> first, non-controversial batch of davinci platform changes so that
>>> we'll have less code to carry for the next release.
>> I think those are patches 3-7. I can take those if I get an immutable
>> commit over v4.18-rc1 from Srinivas with patches 1 & 2 applied.
> nvmem patches go via Greg KH char-misc tree, if it makes things easy I
> can provide Ack on nvmem patches, so that you can take these patches via
> your tree?

There is a lot of follow-up traffic on how exactly to develop the needed
interfaces for reading mac address in mtd and/or network subsystem.

But, I don't think any of that negates the need for nvmem lookups that
work for non-device-tree and populating the lookups in mach-davinci
board code.

I am going to send patches 1-7 to ARM-SoC soon, so please do say if
there is any disagreement on this.


> Let me know.
> --srini
>> Thanks,
>> Sekhar

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