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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] USB: serial: cp210x: Implement GPIO support for CP2102N
On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 09:38:12PM +0000, Karoly Pados wrote:
> Hello Johan,
> I hope maybe after you come back from your vacation you can still
> merge this into 4.19, I guess the merge window will still be open.

You shouldn't make assumptions about peoples vacation plans. ;)

> Given that there are
> about another 5 weeks until 4.19rc1 merge window closes,
> I didn't think I'd be late with this patch, I am sorry.

New code must be ready and reviewed well in time before the merge window
*opens*. So generally you cannot expect anything you post this week to
be included in 4.19.

> However, as already explained to you, it'd be very important
> for me to get this patch at least into 4.19, as otherwise the
> time I loose is much greater than a single release cycle (due
> to distro cycles), and I have actually a crowdfunding product
> depending on this.

I know, and I already cut some corners for you with the baud-rate
handling changes even though this is strictly not a valid reason to
change the normal procedures.

That being said, I took a look at your gpio patch today and as it looks
like you've addressed the major concerns with v1, and done so in a clean
way, I'll make an exception.

I'll post some review comments, but I've already fixed up the patch
myself. It's mostly style issues, but I did also find two bugs.

I do need you to respin the commit message, though; a commit message
should be self-contained and not rely on external discussions to make
sense (you can of course still refer/link to it). Patch-revision info
should generally go below the cut-off line, unless it is useful to have
it recorded.

Can you post a reworked commit message today so I can include this in my
4.19 updates?


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