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SubjectRe: [patch v3] mm, oom: fix unnecessary killing of additional processes
On 2018/07/20 17:41, David Rientjes wrote:
> Absent oom_lock serialization, this is exactly working as intended. You
> could argue that once the thread has reached exit_mmap() and begins oom
> reaping that it should be allowed to finish before the oom reaper declares
> MMF_OOM_SKIP. That could certainly be helpful, I simply haven't
> encountered a usecase where it were needed. Or, we could restart the oom
> expiration when MMF_UNSTABLE is set and deem that progress is being made
> so it give it some extra time. In practice, again, we haven't seen this
> needed. But either of those are very easy to add in as well. Which would
> you prefer?

I don't think we need to introduce user-visible knob interface (even if it is in
debugfs), for I think that my approach can solve your problem. Please try OOM lockup
(CVE-2016-10723) mitigation patch ( )
and my cleanup patch ( [PATCH 1/2] at )
on top of linux.git . And please reply how was the result, for I'm currently asking
Roman whether we can apply these patches before applying the cgroup-aware OOM killer.

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