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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tpm: add support for partial reads
On 07/19/2018 11:47 AM, James Bottomley wrote:
> On Thu, 2018-07-19 at 10:54 -0700, Tadeusz Struk wrote:
>> On 07/19/2018 10:19 AM, James Bottomley wrote:
>>> That's just an implementation, though, what's the use case?
>> Hi James,
>> The use case is described in the TCTI spec [1] in the
>> " receive" section.
> Well, yes, but I think we've all agreed that the /dev/tpm and
> /dev/tpmrmX aren't TCTI interfaces, although you can layer TCTI on top
> of them, so why not simply do fragmentation on top if you need it?
> The reason for not doing it in the interface is that it alters the ABI.
> Before this patch we had a hard packet boundary: one packet per read,
> one per write and a -EFAULT if you fail to provide a correctly sized
> buffer. Now if you provide a buffer too small but don't know about the
> fragmentation you're going to misprocess a packet (because you think
> you got a whole reply but you didn't) and then you get a -EBUSY on your
> next command which you don't know how to handle. The only way out is
> to update the applications to handle the new behaviour, which is a no-
> no in Linux ABI terms.

Don't all the existing applications that read a response in one go
do a 4K read now? So nothing will change for them. They will work
exactly the same with this change as they do without it.
This doesn't break the ABI.

> It might be possible to layer the behaviour you want compatibly into
> the current device structure (say an ioctl to switch to the fragment
> behaviour) but I've got to ask why we'd go to the complexity without a
> use case?

New IOCTL would add extra complexity, which isn't necessary.


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