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Subject[kbuild ack?] Re: [PATCH v6 0/9] x86: macrofying inline asm for better compilation

* Nadav Amit <> wrote:

> > I ran some limited number of benchmarks, and in general the performance
> > impact is not very notable. You can still see >10 cycles shaved off some
> > syscalls that manipulate page-tables (e.g., mprotect()), in which
> > paravirt caused many functions not to be inlined. In addition this
> > patch-set can prevent issues such as [1], and improves code readability
> > and maintainability.

Ok, that's good enough as a benefit, I suppose.

> > Nadav Amit (9):
> > Makefile: Prepare for using macros for inline asm

This non-trivial kbuild patch needs an Acked-by from Masahiro.



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