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SubjectRe: [v2] Coccinelle: Replace strncpy() + truncation by strscpy()
I would like to contribute another bit of patch review for your proposal.

* I have noticed that an action word was missing in the commit subject.

* The commit description was started with the wording “Besides being simpler, …”.
I would prefer an other ordering of information there.

It seems that the mentioned compilation error gave you motivation for
the shown source code transformation.
I suggest to move the concrete update suggestion behind it.

> +virtual patch
> +virtual report
> +virtual org

How do you think about to reduce a bit of code repetition?

+virtual patch, report, org

> In particular, I have conciously not removed the intermediate msg
> variable; as I made the message longer I actually added one more of
> these for the org mode section.

I propose again to reconsider such an implementation detail once more
so that unnecessary Python code could be avoided.
The Linux coding style supports the usage of long message strings.

Can string literals be nicer than extra variables (because of questionable
source code layout concerns)?

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