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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/3] Add clock driver for Actions S700 SoC
Hi Stephen

On 06/29/18 19:38, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> Quoting Saravanan Sekar (2018-06-28 12:18:02)
>> Changelog v2:
>> Fixed 0 day compilation warning
>> Modified existing dts Actions S900 clock bindings common to Actions
>> Soc family
>> This patchset adds clock support for Actions Semi OWL series S700 SoC
>> with relevant clock bindings and device tree info.
>> Changed the UART clock using CMU instance and changes are tested in
>> cubieboard7
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Saravanan,
>> Parthiban
>> Saravanan Sekar (3):
>> arm64: dts: actions: Enable clock controller for S700
>> clk: actions: Add S700 SoC clock support
>> dt-bindings: clock: Modify Actions Soc clock bindings
> Normally this patch comes first, and then clk driver, and then dts bits.
> Also, the header file for the #define constants would be part of the
> bindings patch.

I will reorder the commit and split the patch

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