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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] Update AMD cpu microcode for family 15h
Hi Sherry,

Any news on this please? It seems we still miss updated microcode for certain fam15h/16h for Linux.


Dne 1.6.2018 v 00:05 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh napsal(a):
> On Wed, 30 May 2018, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
>> This is still not addressing the outdated 15h microcode version issue
>> that Rudolf Marek has pointed out. Also, we still hope to see an
>> updated microcode for 16h architecture as well - it has not received
>> any updates for two years already
> True, but now at least it won't regress old boxes anymore, so we can
> ship it in the stable branches of the distros with less restrictions.
> It would be really good to be able to actually mitigate spectre v2/v4 on
> most AMD systems, though. And current experience shows this is only
> going to happen if we can have the required microcode update also going
> through the operating system update channels.

> Dne 24.5.2018 v 16:48 Hurwitz, Sherry napsal(a):
>> Thank you for pointing this out. Let me investigate and send out an updated fam15h container.
> Thanks I have seen the patch. However it still contains "old" microcode from 2012, patch level
> 0x06001119. Do you plan to update it to 0x0600111f, which will support IBPB?
> Thanks
> Rudolf

> I noticed in commit [1], that 0x00610f01 microcode is removed completely. It has only entry in the equivalence table,
> but the actual microcode is gone. As this update fixes important errata (and it was latest supported microcode officially released), what is the reason behind that?
> Maybe it is a mistake? Or new microcode will be provided? I seen in the wild one with patch level 0x0600111f, but it does not
> seem to be available?
> Please can someone throw some light on that?
> Many thanks
> Rudolf
> [1]

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