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Subject[PATCH 0/3] IIO: st_sensors_i2c: improve device enumeration
When trying to instantiate a st_accel_i2c device from an ACPI based
system, I ran into some problems:

For my device, there is no ACPI match table entry, so rather than
creating /allocating a new ACPI HID for the device, I wanted to use an
existing DT table compatible entry via creating an ACPI_DT_NAMESPACE_HID
/PRP0001 HID ACPI entry (see Documentation/acpi/enumeration.txt).

This did not work because st_accel_i2c.c bails out if there is a ACPI
node but no ACPI table match instead of looking for a match from one of
the fallback mechanisms (patch 1).

Patch 2 removes an error message when a ACPI node exists but no table
entry is found (this doesn't need to be fatal because of the fallback).

Patch 3 syncs the strings in the I2C device table (which is used by the
I2C core for fallback matching) with the DT compatible strings, so a
PRP0001 entry can use the same compatible strings as a corresponding
DT entry. As far as I can see, the old I2C table strings aren't used
in mainline, so renaming them should be safe.

Nikolaus Voss (3):
IIO: st_accel_i2c.c: Use fallback if DT/ACPI enum failed
IIO: st_sensors_i2c.c: Don't print error on failed ACPI match
IIO: st_accel.h: sync DT and I2C device ID table strings

drivers/iio/accel/st_accel.h | 32 +++++++++----------
drivers/iio/accel/st_accel_i2c.c | 21 ++++++------
.../iio/common/st_sensors/st_sensors_i2c.c | 5 ++-
3 files changed, 30 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)


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