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SubjectRe: moving affs + RDB partition support to staging?

Michael Schmitz - 26.06.18, 04:23:
> Joanne,
> Martin's boot log (including your patch) says:
> Jun 19 21:19:09 merkaba kernel: [ 7891.843284] sdb: RDSK (512) sdb1
> (LNX^@)(res 2 spb 1) sdb2 (JXF^D)(res 2 spb 1) sdb3 (DOS^C)(res 2 spb
> 4)
> Jun 19 21:19:09 merkaba kernel: [ 7891.844055] sd 7:0:0:0: [sdb]
> Attached SCSI disk
> so it's indeed a case of self inflicted damage (RDSK (512) means 512
> byte blocks) and can be worked around by using a different block size.

Well I pretty much believe that this was the standard block size of the
tool I used in order to create the RDB. I think it has been Media
Toolbox + the engine behind it, from AmigaOS 4.0 (not 4.1) or so. DOS-
Type JXF points to JXFS, an AmigaOS 4 only filesystem that meanwhile has
been deprecated by AmigaOS upstream.

Maybe HDToolbox + hdwrench.library by Joanne (AmigaOS 3.5/3.9) would
have set it up differently.

Anyway: It works like this in AmigaOS 4 without any issues. With 512
Byte Blocks. I think it is good that Linux does not create data
corruption when writing to disks that work just fine in AmigaOS.
Especially as those using AmigaNG machines like AmigaOne X1000/X5000 or
Acube Sam machines may dual boot AmigaOS and Linux on their machines.

Thanks again for putting together a patch.


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