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SubjectRe: moving affs + RDB partition support to staging? (was: Re: Moving unmaintained filesystems to staging)
Hi Martin,

OK, I'll prepare a patch and submit it to linux-block for review. I'll
have to refer to your testing back in 2012 since all I can test is
whether the patch still allows partition tables on small disks to be
recognized at this time (unless Adrian has a 2 TB disk and a SATA-SCSI
bridge to test this properly on).



Am 24.06.18 um 21:06 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Hi.
> Michael Schmitz - 27.04.18, 04:11:
>> test results at
>> indicate the RDB parser bug is fixed by the patch given there, so if
>> Martin now submits the patch, all should be well?
> Ok, better be honest than having anyone waiting for it:
> I do not care enough about this, in order to motivate myself preparing
> the a patch from Joanne Dow´s fix.
> I am not even using my Amiga boxes anymore, not even the Sam440ep which
> I still have in my apartment.
> So RDB support in Linux it remains broken for disks larger 2 TB, unless
> someone else does.
> Thanks.

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