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SubjectRe: moving affs + RDB partition support to staging?
It's more likely the filesystem unless I didn't get the RDBs up to 3.1 status. I 
am pretty damn sure I did as I had an 18 gigabyte disk I was using at the time.
And I made sure it would mount with Linux. Files greater than 2 gigs were sure
to get messed up. But that was not RDBs. The disk had 9 gigs worth of AFS
partitions and 9 gigs worth of SFS partitions. The big SFS partition was most of
the 9 gigabytes. (The hdf file is 8,932,818,944 bytes.) There was a tiny system
partition on it. It used some of Bill Hawes' goodies to overlay some useful paths.

I'm not sure the machine still boots. The disk in question no longer spins up.


On 20180624 02:06, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hi.
> Michael Schmitz - 27.04.18, 04:11:
>> test results at
>> indicate the RDB parser bug is fixed by the patch given there, so if
>> Martin now submits the patch, all should be well?
> Ok, better be honest than having anyone waiting for it:
> I do not care enough about this, in order to motivate myself preparing
> the a patch from Joanne Dow´s fix.
> I am not even using my Amiga boxes anymore, not even the Sam440ep which
> I still have in my apartment.
> So RDB support in Linux it remains broken for disks larger 2 TB, unless
> someone else does.
> Thanks.

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