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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3.18 00/21] 3.18.113-stable review
Greg Kroah-Hartman <> writes:

> On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 03:08:12PM -0700, bot wrote:
>> stable-rc/linux-3.18.y boot: 52 boots: 28 failed, 18 passed with 1 offline, 5 conflicts (v3.18.112-22-gb0582263e3c9)
>> Full Boot Summary:
>> Full Build Summary:
>> Tree: stable-rc
>> Branch: linux-3.18.y
>> Git Describe: v3.18.112-22-gb0582263e3c9
>> Git Commit: b0582263e3c9810fd887ca92d19cb9ff30a4d9f6
>> Git URL:
>> Tested: 24 unique boards, 12 SoC families, 13 builds out of 183


> That is a lot of new failures, did the whole lab fail, or is this really
> a problem in v3.18.112 here?

Whole lab failure (more precisely, lab operator failure) ;)

gak, I updated the rootfs images to the latest buildroot, which forced
me to upgrade the kernel headers used to build the rootfs from v3.10 to
v4.4. So I guess it's no surprise that every single board panic'd as
soon as it hit userspace.

I downgraded the rootfs, and re-ran all those boot tests, and now things
are 100% passing in my lab.

Sorry for the noise,


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