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Subject[PATCH v2 0/2] Detect & register virtio-crypto algos only if it can be supported by backend

Currently the Linux virtio-crypto driver registers the crypto
algorithm without verifying if the backend actually supports the

This kernel patch series adds support for registering algorithm
with Linux crypto layer, only if the algorithm is supported by
the backend device. This also makes the driver more compliant with
the virtio-crypto spec [1].

I would appreciate any feedback or comments on this.

Thank you

[1] Virtio crypto spec proposal

v1 -> v2
- Modify comment as suggested by Arei (patch 1)
- Modify error message as suggested by Arei (patch 2)

Farhan Ali (2):
crypto/virtio-crypto: Read crypto services and algorithm masks
crypto/virtio-crypto: Register an algo only if it's supported

drivers/crypto/virtio/virtio_crypto_algs.c | 112 ++++++++++++++++++---------
drivers/crypto/virtio/virtio_crypto_common.h | 25 +++++-
drivers/crypto/virtio/virtio_crypto_core.c | 29 +++++++
drivers/crypto/virtio/virtio_crypto_mgr.c | 81 +++++++++++++++++--
4 files changed, 202 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)


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