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SubjectRe: REGRESSION?: debugfs: inode: debugfs_create_dir uses mode permission from parent
On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 03:40:41PM -0700, John Stultz wrote:
> Hey all,
> I noticed recently that linus/master (plus patches) stopped booting
> to UI on HiKey960, and I bisected the issue down to:
> 92170b62f1c1 ("debugfs: inode: debugfs_create_dir uses mode permission
> from parent")
> On the HiKey960 board, we mount debugfs via:
> mount debugfs /sys/kernel/debug /sys/kernel/debug mode=755
> But since the change, it seems most of the nodes in /sys/kernel/debug
> are: drwx------
> Which ends up breaking the egl library, keeping it from loading.

While the debugfs change is now reverted in Linus's tree, I find it
"odd" that a debugfs change would cause egl from loading entirely. No
userspace code should depend on debugfs files being there or not. If it
does, that's a bug as debugfs is for _debugging_ stuff, it should not be
an interface between user/kernel that userspace requires for basic
functionality like booting.

And yes, I know all about the crazy qualcom batter api, where they
shoved it into debugfs and ignored the built-in kernel api, that should
be fixed now. If this is a new one-of-those types of problem, I need to
know so it can get resolved.


greg k-h

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