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SubjectRe: [PATCH v13 0/3] mm, x86, powerpc: Enhancements to Memory Protection Keys.
Ram Pai <> writes:

> This patch series provides arch-neutral enhancements to
> enable memory-keys on new architecutes, and the corresponding
> changes in x86 and powerpc specific code to support that.
> a) Provides ability to support upto 32 keys. PowerPC
> can handle 32 keys and hence needs this.
> b) Arch-neutral code; and not the arch-specific code,
> determines the format of the string, that displays the key
> for each vma in smaps.
> History:
> -------
> version 14:

This doesn't match the patch subjects, which is a little confusing :)

> (1) made VM_PKEY_BIT4 unusable on x86, #defined it to 0
> -- comment by Dave Hansen
> (2) due to some reason this patch series continue to
> break some or the other build. The last series
> passed everything but created a merge
> conflict followed by build failure for
> Michael Ellermen. :(

I have a fix, it involved some cleanup of headers prior to the smaps

Will post it.


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