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SubjectRe: moving affs + RDB partition support to staging?
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz - 06.05.18, 10:52:
> On 04/27/2018 03:26 AM, jdow wrote:
> > And before I forget there are two features of the RDBs that I
> > heartily recommend never implementing on Linux. They were good
> > ideas at the time; but, times changed. The RDBs are capable of
> > storing a filesystem driver and some drive init code for the plugin
> > disk driver card. That is giving malware authors entirely goo easy
> > a shot at owning a machine. Martin S., I would strongly suggest
> > that going forward those two capabilities be removed from the RDB
> > readers in AmigaOS as well as Linux OS.
> I assume removing the feature for AmigaOS isn't really possible since
> we don't have the source code for that, do we?

AmigaOS 4.x does not support loading filesystems from RDB anymore as far
as I know. Meanwhile I am not involved with the AmigaOS development
anymore, but that is the last state I know. Similarily to Linux
filesystems drivers are loaded as "modules" into the kernel. Its also
still possible to load a filesystem as a file from disk, but that does
not work for the filesystem the kernel boots from. The AmigaOS kernel
still decides which of the kernel filesystem to use according to the
DOSType of the partition.


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