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Subject[PATCH v3 2/5] regulator: add dummy function of_find_regulator_by_node
From: Changbin Du <>

If device tree is not enabled, of_find_regulator_by_node() should have
a dummy function since the function call is still there.

This is to fix build error after CONFIG_NO_AUTO_INLINE is introduced.
If this option is enabled, GCC will not auto-inline functions that are
not explicitly marked as inline.

In this case (no CONFIG_OF), the copmiler will report error in function

W/O NO_AUTO_INLINE, function of_get_regulator() is auto-inlined and then
the call to of_find_regulator_by_node() is optimized out since
of_get_regulator() always return NULL.

W/ NO_AUTO_INLINE, the return value of of_get_regulator() is a variable
so the call to of_find_regulator_by_node() cannot be optimized out. So
we need a stub of_find_regulator_by_node().

static struct regulator_dev *regulator_dev_lookup(struct device *dev,
const char *supply)
struct regulator_dev *r = NULL;
struct device_node *node;
struct regulator_map *map;
const char *devname = NULL;

regulator_supply_alias(&dev, &supply);

/* first do a dt based lookup */
if (dev && dev->of_node) {
node = of_get_regulator(dev, supply);
if (node) {
r = of_find_regulator_by_node(node);
if (r)
return r;

Signed-off-by: Changbin Du <>
drivers/regulator/internal.h | 9 +++++++--
1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/regulator/internal.h b/drivers/regulator/internal.h
index abfd56e..24fde1e 100644
--- a/drivers/regulator/internal.h
+++ b/drivers/regulator/internal.h
@@ -56,14 +56,19 @@ static inline struct regulator_dev *dev_to_rdev(struct device *dev)
return container_of(dev, struct regulator_dev, dev);

-struct regulator_dev *of_find_regulator_by_node(struct device_node *np);
#ifdef CONFIG_OF
+struct regulator_dev *of_find_regulator_by_node(struct device_node *np);
struct regulator_init_data *regulator_of_get_init_data(struct device *dev,
const struct regulator_desc *desc,
struct regulator_config *config,
struct device_node **node);
+static inline struct regulator_dev *
+of_find_regulator_by_node(struct device_node *np)
+ return NULL;
static inline struct regulator_init_data *
regulator_of_get_init_data(struct device *dev,
const struct regulator_desc *desc,
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