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Subject[GIT PULL 00/17] EFI updates for v4.18
The following changes since commit 60cc43fc888428bb2f18f08997432d426a243338:

Linux 4.17-rc1 (2018-04-15 18:24:20 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

git:// tags/efi-next

for you to fetch changes up to a0e781fedc0e975d2f33fda94e26d3f76331ee3d:

efi/libstub/arm64: handle randomized TEXT_OFFSET (2018-05-03 19:00:27 +0200)

First batch of EFI changes for v4.18:
- Initialize UEFI secure boot state during Xen dom0 boot (Daniel Kiper)
- Decode x86 CPER data (Yazen Ghannam)
- Ignore unrealistically large option roms (Hans de Goede)
- Additional minor tweaks
- A fix for arm64 kernels with CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_TEXT_OFFSET=y and running
with KASLR enabled. I was on the fence whether to send it as a fix or
cc it to stable, so I chose the latter. (TEXT_OFFSET randomization is a
debug feature that the distros don't enable)

Ard Biesheuvel (3):
efi: fix efi_pci_io_protocol32 prototype for mixed mode
efi: align efi_pci_io_protocol typedefs to type naming convention
efi/x86: fold __setup_efi_pci32 and __setup_efi_pci64 into one

Borislav Petkov (1):
efi/cper: Remove the INDENT_SP silliness

Daniel Kiper (1):
x86/xen/efi: Initialize UEFI secure boot state during dom0 boot

Hans de Goede (1):
efi/x86: Ignore unrealistically large option roms

Mark Rutland (1):
efi/libstub/arm64: handle randomized TEXT_OFFSET

Shunyong Yang (1):
efi/capsule-loader: Don't output reset log when reset flags are not set

Wei Yongjun (1):
efi/libstub/tpm: Make function efi_retrieve_tpm2_eventlog_1_2() static

Yazen Ghannam (8):
efi: Fix IA32/X64 Processor Error Record definition
efi: Decode IA32/X64 Processor Error Section
efi: Decode IA32/X64 Processor Error Info Structure
efi: Decode UEFI-defined IA32/X64 Error Structure GUIDs
efi: Decode IA32/X64 Cache, TLB, and Bus Check structures
efi: Decode additional IA32/X64 Bus Check fields
efi: Decode IA32/X64 MS Check structure
efi: Decode IA32/X64 Context Info structure

arch/x86/boot/compressed/eboot.c | 112 +++-------
arch/x86/xen/efi.c | 57 +++++
drivers/firmware/efi/Kconfig | 5 +
drivers/firmware/efi/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/firmware/efi/capsule-loader.c | 14 +-
drivers/firmware/efi/cper-arm.c | 6 +-
drivers/firmware/efi/cper-x86.c | 356 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
drivers/firmware/efi/cper.c | 16 +-
drivers/firmware/efi/libstub/arm64-stub.c | 7 +
drivers/firmware/efi/libstub/secureboot.c | 3 +
drivers/firmware/efi/libstub/tpm.c | 2 +-
include/linux/cper.h | 4 +-
include/linux/efi.h | 14 +-
13 files changed, 496 insertions(+), 101 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/firmware/efi/cper-x86.c

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