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SubjectRe: Motorola Droid 4 progress, power consumption

> > But I guess I can sample charge_counter every minute or so and get
> > what I need?
> Not sure what the max time range is for the PMIC, but yeah I'd
> assume once a minute is duoable. Maybe compare it to the chart
> you already have?

Yes, I can try some more graph painting.

OTOH... battery life is "good enough" and I can already tell when the
battery is full :-). So this part is not critical.

> > I agree this should not be done in kernel as it requires persistent
> > storage.
> >
> > Battery is not user-replacable (and this will recalibrate itself on
> > charge/discharge cycle) so.. I don't think keying is strictly
> > neccessary for D4.
> Yeah right, that can be added later on if needed if you just
> plan accordingly. It's replaceable with a T5 after you peel off the
> sticker from the corners :)

Aha, I wanted to ask what kind of phone T5 is, and T5 is probably torx
5 screwdriver, right? Well, I don't have second battery, so these
experiments will have to wait.

Best regards,

(cesky, pictures)
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