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Subject[PATCH v9 05/15] vb2: add unordered vb2_queue property for drivers
From: Gustavo Padovan <>

Explicit synchronization benefits a lot from ordered queues, they fit
better in a pipeline with DRM for example so create a opt-in way for
drivers notify videobuf2 that the queue is unordered.

v5: go back to a bitfield property for the unordered property.

v4: rename it to vb2_ops_is_unordered() (Hans Verkuil)

v3: - make it bool (Hans)
- create vb2_ops_set_unordered() helper

v2: improve comments for is_unordered flag (Hans Verkuil)

Signed-off-by: Gustavo Padovan <>
Signed-off-by: Ezequiel Garcia <>
include/media/videobuf2-core.h | 3 +++
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/include/media/videobuf2-core.h b/include/media/videobuf2-core.h
index f9633de0386c..364e4cb41b10 100644
--- a/include/media/videobuf2-core.h
+++ b/include/media/videobuf2-core.h
@@ -467,6 +467,8 @@ struct vb2_buf_ops {
* @quirk_poll_must_check_waiting_for_buffers: Return %EPOLLERR at poll when QBUF
* has not been called. This is a vb1 idiom that has been adopted
* also by vb2.
+ * @unordered: tell if the queue is unordered, i.e. buffers can be
+ * dequeued in a different order from how they were queued.
* @lock: pointer to a mutex that protects the &struct vb2_queue. The
* driver can set this to a mutex to let the v4l2 core serialize
* the queuing ioctls. If the driver wants to handle locking
@@ -533,6 +535,7 @@ struct vb2_queue {
unsigned fileio_read_once:1;
unsigned fileio_write_immediately:1;
unsigned allow_zero_bytesused:1;
+ unsigned unordered:1;
unsigned quirk_poll_must_check_waiting_for_buffers:1;

struct mutex *lock;
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