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Subject[PATCH v7 0/2] PCI: mediatek: Fixups for the IRQ handle routine and MT7622's class code
From: Honghui Zhang <>

Two fixups for mediatek's host bridge:
The first patch fixup class type and vendor ID for MT7622.
The second patch fixup the IRQ handle routine by using irq_chip solution
to avoid IRQ reentry which may exist for both MT2712 and MT7622.

Change since v6:
- Remove the irq_mask, irq_unmask callback in lower layer irq_chip since we
have set the MSI_FLAG_USE_DEF_CHIP_OPS flags.
- Add irq_ack callback in irq_chip to handle edge IRQ.
- Uing handle_edge_irq to handle the MSI IRQs.

Change since v5:
- Make the comments consistend with the code modification in the first patch.
- Using writew to performing a 16-bit write.
- Using irq_chip solution to fix the IRQ issue.

The v5 patchset could be found in:

Change since v4:
- Only setup vendor ID for MT7622, igorning the device ID since mediatek's
host bridge driver does not cares about the device ID.

Change since v3:
- Setup the class type and vendor ID at the beginning of startup instead
of in a quirk.
- Add mediatek's vendor ID, it could be found in:

Change since v2:
- Move the initialize of the iterate before the loop to fix an
INTx IRQ issue in the first patch

Change since v1:
- Add the second patch.
- Make the first patch's commit message more standard.

Honghui Zhang (2):
PCI: mediatek: Set up vendor ID and class type for MT7622
PCI: mediatek: Using chained IRQ to setup IRQ handle

drivers/pci/host/pcie-mediatek.c | 234 +++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
include/linux/pci_ids.h | 2 +
2 files changed, 143 insertions(+), 93 deletions(-)


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