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SubjectRe: SPECTRE, MELTDOWN, boot loaders, and cursors: A shot out of the blue....
Greetings once again from the future....

Xen hypervisor was a magical product. Don't believe in it, it is
misinforming your tecnnical intuition using the power of the Word.


your future self

On 3/25/18, \0xDynamite <> wrote:
> I apogize for what is probably going to be a VERY unusual and perhaps
> rude email to the kernel list, but I'm taking a wild shot at something
> in order to fix the Meltdown and Spectre bugs which perhaps were
> wrongly blamed on Intel and now maybe AMD. The issue, lads, may be
> *interdimensional*.
> Firstly, don't trust the media reports on these issues. What I've
> seen sounds partly right, but way off base.
> Secondly, here's what you need to track down: the cursor. Track down
> the whole process at boot, down to the BIOS, because at least PART of
> the problem has nothing to do with Intel. What puts the cursor on the
> screen and how is it kept track of? I don't have the IBM technical
> reference manuals (purple binder) at my disposal anymore, but that's
> where you should look.
> It is an I/O confusion somewhere, perhaps a motherboard bug. I
> believe that Javascript has excersized the problem due to its
> contention for resources and its operating at browser (or other)
> priveleges instead of a virtual machine.
> Try NOT to complain about Intel. They have not yet understood this
> problem, I suspect.
> Don't ask me how I know this.
> Marxos
> the restaurant at the end of the universe.
> P.S. Oh, and change the name of GRUB to GRUE

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