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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] MIPS: Oprofile: Drop support
Hi Robert,

On 04/05/18 13:27, Robert Richter wrote:
> On 04.05.18 12:03:12, Matt Redfearn wrote:
>>> As said, oprofile version 0.9.x is still available for cpus that do
>>> not support perf. What is the breakage?
>> The breakage I originally set out to fix was the MT support in perf.
>> Since the perf code shares so much copied code from oprofile, those same
>> issues exist in oprofile and ought to be addressed. But as newer oprofile
>> userspace does not use the (MIPS) kernel oprofile code, then we could,
>> perhaps, just remove it (as per the RFC). That would break legacy tools
>> (0.9.x) though...
> Those support perf:
> Here is the total list of CPU_*:
> $ git grep -h config.CPU_ arch/mips/ | sort -u | wc -l
> 79

To be fair, that list for oprofile is not much different:


oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_MIPS32) += op_model_mipsxx.o
oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_MIPS64) += op_model_mipsxx.o
oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_R10000) += op_model_mipsxx.o
oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_SB1) += op_model_mipsxx.o
oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_XLR) += op_model_mipsxx.o
oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_LOONGSON2) += op_model_loongson2.o
oprofile-$(CONFIG_CPU_LOONGSON3) += op_model_loongson3.o

However, since those are generally CPU families rather than individual
CPUs, the number of models supported by each framework tells a different

git grep -h ops.cpu_type arch/mips/oprofile | wc -l

git grep -h arch/mips/kernel/perf_event* | wc -l

The difference is mainly older CPUs - M14Kc, 20K, loongson1, etc. But
yes you are right dropping it would kill profiling for them - that being
the case I guess oprofile should remain and instead just remove support
for the MT capable CPUs (34K, interAptiv) which are all supported by perf.


> The comparisation might not be accurate, but at least gives a hint
> that there are many cpus not supporting perf. You would drop profiling
> support at al to them.
> If it is too hard to also fix the oprofile code (code duplication
> seems the main issue here), then it would be also ok to blacklist
> newer cpus to enable oprofile kernel code (where it is broken).
> -Robert

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