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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 0/2] hid-steam driver with user mode client dection
On Mon, 16 Apr 2018, Rodrigo Rivas Costa wrote:

> Hello! This is reroll v9 of the Steam Controller driver.
> @Pierre-Loup, @Clément, could you please check if this driver is acceptable by
> Valve? I think this could be the one ;-).
> I've rolled back the synthetic LPAD diagonals. It happens that the actual
> coordinates of the pads are rotated about 15 degrees to the center, but the
> marks in the pad are aligned to 0/90 degrees. That, and my poor's man
> trigonometry, makes clicking the diagonals quite unreliable.
> Sorry for the noise, but now I think that we are better limiting ourselves to
> the events emitted by the hardware, as is.
> Other than that, I've doing some torture testing, with and without the Steam
> Client running. I've changed:
> 1. The way EPIPE is handled when sending a report: I've noticed that Steam
> Client retries up to 50 times, with little or no delay between them, so I do
> the same.
> 2. I've added a fallback in case this driver is unable to get the serial number
> of the controller. Failures on any other report can be ignored safely. But
> failing to get the serial number was preventing the creating of the hidraw
> node (wired controller only), and that could prevent Steam Client from
> working.
> 3. I've received a mail from Valve with a bunch of constants for the
> protocol. Most are related to the setting of new mappings (that we do not
> need) and a few of the rest are deprecated. Anyway, I've renamed the
> constants STEAM_CMD_* to align them with the official names, and added a
> few more that were unknown to me, just for future reference. Still, commands
> used for enabling/disabling lizard mode are the same.

If noone has any objections (last chance to raise them), I'll be queuing
this for 4.18.


Jiri Kosina

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