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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH 2/5] mtd: rawnand: add NVIDIA Tegra NAND Flash controller driver
On Thu, 31 May 2018 19:54:08 +0200
Stefan Agner <> wrote:

> >> +
> >> + mtd->dev.parent = &pdev->dev;
> >> + mtd->name = "tegra_nand";
> >
> > I just figured it was undocumented (yet) but you could have a label
> > string property in your nand DT node that tells you the name of the
> > MTD device instead of something too generic like tegra_nand.
> >
> Using label in the NAND chip subnode actually causes current U-Boot to
> delete (!!) the chip node and create partitions on the controller node.
> See:
> The code essentially uses the property label to detect whether its a
> NAND chip or a partition...

Why not fixing that in uboot? The representation where the NAND device
and NAND controller are mixed in a single node called nand@xxx is just
wrong from a HW PoV, and it seems uboot is using this representation,
which is probably why you have a problem when trying to find the
partition directly under the NAND controller node.

> At least this is the case when using fdt_fixup_mtdparts and passing the
> controller compatible ("nvidia,tegra20-nand") in node_info,

Just a digression, but I recommend using
"nvidia,tegra20-nand-controller" for the compatible, because the node
is describing the NAND controller not the NAND chip.

> what our
> downstream U-Boot is currently doing. Maybe we should pass the
> compatible property of the NAND chip?

Or maybe you should search for partitions in children of the controller
node instead of searching directly under the controller node itself.

> But afaik, chips do not have a
> compatible necessarily.

Nope, and it should stay like that.

> So using label in the chip node is currently a no-go for me.

I hope I'm wrong but I fear this is not the only problem you'll face
when switching to a controller+chip representation. This is just the
tip of the iceberg.

> Will send out v3 soon.

Sure, let's see how v3 looks.

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