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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [net-next, wrong] make BPFILTER_UMH depend on X86
On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 05:31:01PM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> When build testing across architectures, I run into a build error on
> all targets other than X86:
> gcc-8.1.0-nolibc/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-objdump: net/bpfilter/bpfilter_umh: File format not recognized
> gcc-8.1.0-nolibc/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-objcopy:net/bpfilter/bpfilter_umh.o: Invalid bfd target
> The problem is that 'hostprogs' get built with 'gcc' rather than
> '$(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc', and my default gcc (as most people's) targets x86.
> To work around it, adding an X86 dependency gets randconfigs building
> again on my box.
> Clearly, this is not a good solution, since it should actually work fine
> when building native kernels on other architectures but that is now
> disabled, while cross building an x86 kernel on another host is still
> broken after my patch.
> What we probably want here is to try out if the compiler is able to build
> executables for the target architecture and not build the helper otherwise,
> at least when compile-testing. No idea how to do that though.
> Link:
> Cc: Masahiro Yamada <>
> Cc:
> Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>
> ---
> net/bpfilter/Kconfig | 1 +
> 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
> diff --git a/net/bpfilter/Kconfig b/net/bpfilter/Kconfig
> index 60725c5f79db..61cc4fcbb4d0 100644
> --- a/net/bpfilter/Kconfig
> +++ b/net/bpfilter/Kconfig
> @@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ menuconfig BPFILTER
> tristate "bpfilter kernel module with user mode helper"
> + depends on X86 # actually depends on native builds

depends on X86 will break it on arm.
I think the better short term fix would be to test that HOSTCC == CC
It doesn't have to be the same compiler. HOSTCC's arch == kernel ARCH
Not sure how to hack makefile to do that.
Long term we need to get rid of HOSTCC dependency.

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