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SubjectRe: heads up: moving intel-pt-decoder/Build header checks to
Em Wed, May 30, 2018 at 09:30:50AM +0300, Adrian Hunter escreveu:
> On 29/05/18 16:48, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote:
> > We've made tools/perf/ the mechanism to check
> > for drift on kernel file copies we have in tools/, and it assumes that
> > if we have tools/a/b/c/d, then it came from a/b/c/d in the kernel
> > sources, e.g. a copy of the kernel's arch/x86/lib/x86-opcode-map.txt
> > would be in tools/arch/x86/lib/x86-opcode-map.txt.

> > That is not the case with the intel-pt-decoder, so I'm thinking
> > about moving those files to comply with the model used for other copies,
> > as having it in util/intel-pt-decoder/ isn't strictly required, i.e.
> > those files could conceivably be used for other purposes besides
> > decoding intel-pt traces, say for disassembly/annotate, that albeit not
> > planned (at least by me) for the near future, would be something
> > interesting to investigate doing.

> > IIRC Ingo was the one to point me out this, and now I saw the
> > warning about it being different flying by in the middle of the build,
> > differently from what is done by, that is to show
> > everything that drifted in one single block, at the start of the build.

> > So unless you have a strong objection to this, I'll continue
> > investigation about how do do it with tools/perf/,

> I have no objection but currently it is (theoretically) possible to compile
> Intel PT decoding support into perf script and perf report for any
> architecture. i.e. decoding Intel PT from a file does not depend
> on the build architecture.

Right, being on the tools/arch/ will not preclude it from being built
and linked in the other arches, I'll make sure it continues being built
there as well.


- Arnaldo

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