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SubjectRe: Linux 4.17-rc7

> So this week wasn't as calm as the previous weeks have been, but despite
> that I suspect this is the last rc.
> This week we had the whole "spectre v4" thing, and yes, the fallout from
> that shows up as part of the patch and commit log. But it's not actually
> dominant: the patch is pretty evenly one third arch updates, one third
> networking updates, and one third "rest".
> The arch updates are largely - although not exclusively - spectre v4.
> The networking stuff is mostly network drivers, but there's some core
> networking too.
> And "the rest" is just that - misc drivers (rdma, gpu, other),
> documentation, some vfs, vm, bpf, tooling..
> The bulk of it is really pretty trivial one-liners, and nothing looks
> particularly scary. Let's see how next week looks, but if nothing really
> happens I suspect we can make do without an rc8.
> Shortlog appended as usual. Go out and test.

Any chance to still get in this one? fixes display on Nokia N900, and display is rather important for

(cesky, pictures)
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