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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kbuild: add machine size to CHEKCFLAGS
On 05/30/2018 05:00 PM, Andreas Färber wrote:
> What about the architectures not touched by your patch that previously
> had no -m32/-m64? (arc, c6x, h8300, hexagon, m68k, microblaze, nds32,
> nios2, openrisc, powerpc, riscv, s390, sh, unicore32, xtensa)
> You forgot to CC them on this patch.

A) He cc'd arch/sh on the previous patch earlier today, to which I replied:

B) Every change to common infrastructure should cc: every arch? Really? So like
filesystem changes and stuff to?

> Have you really checked that all their toolchains support the -m32/-m64
> flags you newly introduce for them? Apart from non-biarch architectures,
> I'm thinking of 31-bit s390 as a corner case where !64 != 32.

1) Last I heard Linux implements lp64:

2) it's unlikely to be worse than it was before the patch,

3) last I checked boots to an s390 shell
prompt under qemu, although I haven't tried building with this patch. (And you
may still need to add HOST_EXTRA='lex yacc bison flex' to the command line
unless they've re-added the _shipped versions like the old kconfig had...) Point
is, shouldn't be too hard to test it. Presumably that's why we have an -rc1 and
then 6 more -rc versions each release...


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