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SubjectRe: serial: custom baud rate
On 2018-05-03, Muni Sekhar <> wrote:

> If I need to set a custom baud rates(e.g. 14400, 128000, 256000), does
> Linux serial framework has any supporting method?

Sure, use the termios2 structure instead of the termios structure:

#include <linux/termios.h>

struct termios2 t;

ioctl(fd, TCGETS2, &t)

t.c_cflag &= ~CBAUD;
t.c_cflag |= BOTHER;
t.c_ispeed = baud;
t.c_ospeed = baud;

ioctl(fd, TCSETS2, &t)

[Not all devices/drivers support termios2]

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