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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mtd: nand: raw: atmel: add module param to avoid using dma

> I think you're missing something here. We use the DMA engine in memcpy
> mode (SRAM -> DRAM), not in device mode (dev -> DRAM or DRAM -> dev).
> So there's no dmas prop defined in the DT and there should not be.
> Regards,
> Boris

Ok, so the memcpy SRAM <-> DRAM will hog the transfer between DRAM and
LCD if my understanding is correct. That's the DMA that Peter wants to
disable with his patch ?

Then we can then try to force NFC SRAM DMA channels to use just DDR port
1 or 2 for memcpy ?

I have also received a suggestion to try to increase the porches in

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