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SubjectRe: Why is the length of max mount option a page size??
Jungsub Shin:
> Do you mean using symlinks or bind mount to reduce length of mount
> options?? I can remove "~/tca_agent/image_layer_dir" string. But the
> other character means unique ID of layer and i can't compress it or
> replace it to another string. This is not fundamental solution. Docker=20

Can't it be a solution?

# mount -o bind /long/path0 /br0
# mount -o bind /long/path1 /br1
# mount -t aufs -o br=/br0:/br1:... none /mntpnt


# ln -s /long/path0 /br0
# ln -s /long/path1 /br1
# mount -t aufs -o br=/br0:/br1:... none /mntpnt

J. R. Okajima

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