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SubjectRe: [PATCH 8/9] PM / Domains: Add support for multi PM domains per device to genpd

On 24/05/18 08:04, Ulf Hansson wrote:


>> Any reason why we could not add a 'boolean' argument to the API to indicate
>> whether the new device should be linked? I think that I prefer the API
>> handles it, but I can see there could be instances where drivers may wish to
>> handle it themselves.
> Coming back to this question. Both Tegra XUSB and Qcom Camera use
> case, would benefit from doing the linking themselves, as it needs
> different PM domains to be powered on depending on the current use
> case - as to avoid wasting power.
> However, I can understand that you prefer some simplicity over
> optimizations, as you told us. Then, does it mean that you are
> insisting on extending the APIs with a boolean for linking, or are you
> fine with the driver to call device_link_add()?

I am fine with the driver calling device_link_add(), but I just wonder
if we will find a several drivers doing this and then we will end up
doing this later anyway.

The current API is called ...

* genpd_dev_pm_attach_by_id() - Attach a device to one of its PM domain.
* @dev: Device to attach.
* @index: The index of the PM domain.

This naming and description is a bit misleading, because really it is
not attaching the device that is passed, but creating a new device to
attach a PM domain to. So we should consider renaming and changing the
description and indicate that users need to link the device.

Finally, how is a PM domain attached via calling
genpd_dev_pm_attach_by_id() detached?



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