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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/6] block: Create scsi_sense.h for SCSI and ATAPI
On 5/23/18 3:20 PM, Randy Dunlap wrote:
> On 05/23/2018 02:14 PM, Jens Axboe wrote:
>> On 5/23/18 2:52 PM, Kees Cook wrote:
>>> On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 7:31 AM, Jens Axboe <> wrote:
>>>> On 5/23/18 8:25 AM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>>>>> On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 08:13:56AM -0600, Jens Axboe wrote:
>>>>>>> Should I move to code to a new drivers/scsi/scsi_sense.c and add it to
>>>>>>> drivers/scsi/Makefile as:
>>>>>>> obj-$(CONFIG_BLK_SCSI_REQUEST) += scsi_sense.o
>>>>>>> Every place I want to use the code is already covered by
>>>>>>> CONFIG_BLK_SCSI_REQUEST, so it seems like I just need to know where to
>>>>>>> put the .c file. :P
>>>>>> I think this is so much saner than a SCSI select or dependency, so I'll
>>>>>> have to disagree with Martin and Christoph. Just put it in drivers/scsi,
>>>>>> if it's the location they care about.
>>>>> I actually plan to remove CONFIG_BLK_SCSI_REQUEST in a merge window
>>>>> or two. The only users are scsi and the ide layer, (virtio_blk
>>>>> support has already been accidentally disabled for a while), and getting
>>>>> rid of it allows to to shrink and simply the scsi data structures.
>>>>> But if you want this for now lets keep scsi_sense.c in drivers/scsi
>>>>> but depend on CONFIG_BLK_SCSI_REQUEST, that is easy enough to fix up.
>>>> It could be a stand-alone dependency, doesn't have to be BLK_SCSI_REQUEST.
>>>> BLA_SCSI_SENSE or something would do. I don't care too much about that,
>>>> mostly getting rid of the entire stack dependency.
>>> Aaand, I can't do this and leave it in drivers/scsi because of drivers/Makefile:
>>> obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI) += scsi/
>>> So: this needs to live in block/ just like CONFIG_BLK_SCSI_REQUEST's
>>> scsi_ioctl.c. I will split it into CONFIG_BLK_SCSI_SENSE, but I'll
>>> still need to move the code from drivers/scsi/ to block/. Is this
>>> okay?
>> Ugh, so that would necessitate a change there too. As I said before,
>> I don't really care where it lives. I know the SCSI folks seem bothered
>> by moving it, but in reality, it's not like this stuff will likely ever
>> really change. Of the two choices (select entire SCSI stack, or just move
>> this little bit), I know what I would consider the saner option...
> or option 3:
> obj-y += scsi/
> so that make descends into drivers/scsi/ and then builds whatever is needed,
> depending on individual kconfig options.

Right, that was the initial option, the later two are the other options.

Jens Axboe

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